Why Gtip Group?


Since its foundation in 2011, Gtip Group has been working as a focused partner, adding value to all its partners. It is possible to introduce our country to the whole world and to allow the economy to be free. From turnkey factory projects to international project consultancy, from machine supply to product supply.

Our company works as a ini thought leader, that nourishes and develops our customers to achieve their goals.

It has provided many comprehensive projects, engineering and architecture services to private or government organizations in a wide variety of sectors.

Throughout the past years, we have realized that our success depends on the three indispensable goals we consider to be indispensable in our company. Our aim is to work with expert, knowledgeable and professional teams, to deal with all kinds of problems in a  process and result oriented approach, to find a solution quickly and to make our business in world standards and to make our business proactive and holistic.

As Gtip Group, we take every step from our top level employees to our lowest level employees. It does not matter whether the size of the project, its sector or where it is. Our goal in every project that we are a solution partner is always to understand the problems quickly and to make specific, useful suggestions.

Since our establishment, we have been a solution partner with more than 100 private or public institutions competing in more than one industry sector in international projects. We successfully completed many projects ranging from technical problems to high resolution and long term strategic planning.

Our capabilities are not limited to a single sector. We have extensive expertise in many different industrial sectors and global regions in the international arena. By combining experience and business models in different sectors, we are constantly developing the perspective of our processes and the way we do business.

While carrying out our vision, mission and targets, we act in a manner that respects the environment and humanity, and our policies and values.“Our company is the best way to solve the challenges faced by organizations in today’s competitive and rapidly developing global market. Because no matter what your needs, we as Gtip Group offer the right solution for your international success.

While carrying out our vision, mission and targets, we act in a manner that respects the environment and humanity, and our policies and values.