The first step for a successful project is to make a detailed program of all activities. In our Gtip Group project preparation services, we do all the necessary work to ensure the successful implementation of the project. These processes include all the basic stages from environmental factors to social conditions, from technical elements to financial processes.

What do we provide?

Our project preparation process covers all stages, from the beginning of the project concept to the project feasibility of supporting the process and execution. The most important step we take in these processes is to identify and control risks. Our goal is to take part in projects that will attract investors and secure all resources.


  • Determination and development of financial resources,
  • Evaluation of needs,
  • Interviews with suppliers and stakeholders,
  • Development of project concepts,
  • Evaluation of site suitability (environmental conditions, geotechnical, topography etc.),
  • Conducting sustainability and environment-friendly processes,
  • Investigation of socio-economic conditions, effects of the project on the project,
  • Pre-design,
  • Capital and operating costs,
  • Execution of fund providers or partnership processes if necessary.


  • It ensures the control and management of the risks of the project.
  • Ensures optimum utilization of the budget. Processes are developed to obtain the most efficiency with minimum cost.
  • Provides the framework of projects and easier planning.
  • Local needs, risks, compliance of the projects according to legal processes are provided.
  • Processes are developed on the basis of respect to the environment.
  • If there are key stakeholders involved in the project, the status of the frameworks of CSOs, municipalities, funders, shareholders, partners or other third parties is determined.
  • It is ensured that the government or funders see the project processes clearly. This prevents many conflicts and problems from the beginning.

We have professional, experienced and knowledgeable teams to manage a project from start to finish. All of our employees are capable of solving all risks that may arise legally or socially, nationally or internationally.


“Gtip Group provides the necessary technical knowledge and experience to the planning
and execution of all preparation activities necessary for the successful termination of your
projects.” – Muhammed Sarısoy

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