Architecture and engineering services include all the professional and administrative services required to plan, design or build new or refurbished facilities.

What do we get?

With Gtip Group’s architectural and engineering services; we provide planning, design, construction and management services in civil engineering and industrial processes to provide plans and designs for all structures. All these services are provided by expert and experienced Gtip Group professionals.

Our architectural team provides original and precise design solutions that add value to our customers. Our engineering team provides comprehensive services including structural, mechanical and geotechnical. Our teams add unique depth and experience to every project.

OUR ARCHITECTURE AND ENGINEERING SERVICES CONTENT;Mimarlık ve mühendislik hizmetlerimiz şunları içermektedir;

  • Feasibility studies,
  • Pre-project reports and technical studies,
  • Settlement and transportation planning,
  • Environment and air quality control services,
  • Detailed engineering studies,
  • Environmental impact assessment reporting,
  • Architectural and main project planning,
  • Infrastructure works,
  • Design Engineering,
  • Advanced technology solutions.

Our main goal in our services is to do business that adds value to both us and our customers with high level of customer satisfaction, professional excellence, employee loyalty and profitable growth activities.


“Gtip Group provides the necessary technical knowledge and experience to the planning and execution of all preparation activities necessary for the successful termination of your projects.” – Muhammed Sarısoy

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