Our Sector Experience

As Gtip Group, we provide successful services to our customers who compete in a wide range of sectors. Each company is unique to us. There are different goals, budgets, dynamics and challenges. As Gtip Group, we provide tailor-made solutions to each customer through the processes and methodologies we develop. Even in industries with technological, operational or financial challenges, we have achieved successful results with our experiences and good practices.

Our team of experienced and experienced professionals is an important part of the task of continuously moving forward our customers and Gtip Group with their approaches, solutions and benefits. No matter which sector you are in, we are committed to ensuring that our customized solutions work with the highest compatibility and that your needs are met face to face.

Gtip Group experts have the knowledge and experience that add value to the sector with the appropriate skills for each subject. With our experience and talents, we serve our valued customers with an ever increasing quality understanding. We trust ourselves about this. Trust in this issue results from our successful projects in the past and our customers that trust us around the world.

The main sectors we serve are;


Developing the right products and services for our manufacturing customers is the main objective of this process. We are developing various methods, tools, systems and techniques to meet the needs of our customers.

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Iron & Steel

In the iron and steel industry, which is one of the most challenging sectors, we are working with the world’s big ones and conveying our experiences in high success level projects. With our experience in different sectors, we offer tailor-made solutions to make your business better and improve your competitive conditions.

You can contact us for more information about our solutions and services for Demir Çelik companies.


The mining sector is generally a limited area. But as Gtip Group, we offer solutions that will make your business easier with a wider perspective. From logistics to operational activities, we increase your competitiveness with flexible and cost-effective alternatives.

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