Our Quality Policy

We believe that the quality of the services we offer in Gtip Group is the most important and indispensable part of our business. With this approach, we offer proactive approaches by continuously improving our business performance at home and abroad in order to respond to the expectations of our customers at the highest level.

The focus of our quality policy is to ensure customer satisfaction at the highest level.

Our working principle; understanding the needs of our customers, developing the most suitable solutions to meet these needs, ensuring the quality standards in every process and creating the processes in this way. To fulfill our commitments to our customers in any way before or after our services.

Today, we are a reliable partner working with them from the state institutions to the private sector in the business development journeys of many companies or institutions and in the implementation of strategic business solutions. We have a worldwide reputation for our professional and high quality services among the leading companies in many sectors.

Our goal is to provide value-added solutions and services to our customers, providing cost-effective benefits to them. As Gtip Group, we apply the newest technologies with responsibility and innovation in order to address the problems faced by our customers in the most effective way and achieve the targets;

As Gtip Group, we aim to add value to our business and environment.

  • To maximize customer satisfaction,
  • To meet the needs and expectations of our customers in the best way,
  • To improve the quality of our services,
  • Continuous improvement in our processes and systems,
  • To achieve more efficient and efficient processes,
  • And reduce costs is among our goals.

Gtip Group quality policy, Qualified, with a team of experts and motivated employees, providing quality service to meet the needs of our customers. We are constantly striving for further work in improving our business processes and quality system.

At the center of Gtip Group's Corporate Quality Policy, the following principles are included;

Our Quality Goals

  • We will continuously pay attention to the needs of our customers, stakeholders, employees and society,
  • We will continuously increase customer satisfaction with our solution oriented approaches,
  • By realizing all our commitments on time, we will always be an example solution partner,
  • We will ensure that our corporate culture based on respect, responsibility and honesty is an integral part of our processes,
  • We will renew ourselves by receiving all the feedback from our customers or other solution partners.
  • We will be a company that provides services with its knowledge, experience and competencies in international platforms with our continuously developing human resources,
  • We will provide an environment in which our employees are actively supported by growth and development,
  • We will be respectful to people, society and environment by using resources efficiently,
  • We will always adapt ourselves to new technology and methodologies to achieve high quality levels.

The success, performance and reliability of Gtip Group are based on the professional competence and personal responsibility of all employees, from management to personnel. Acting in line with our quality targets, we want to be the indispensable solution partner of companies in architecture and engineering services in all projects, both national and international, today and in the future.