Gtip Spare Parts


Gtip Group has an experience and background in engineering and production of wear-resistant foundry spare parts. In many sectors, we offer a wide range of different spare parts.

You can choose between our certified spare parts manufactured in world quality standards and provide reliable product guarantee to your customers. Or you can easily update your
existing foundry equipment with our latest technology.


Gtip Group specializes in spare parts design and engineering in the iron & steel industry. Our company offers spare parts in iron & steel with competitive price advantage and fast delivery times offered by spare parts produced in high quality standards.

With the quality spare parts we provide, we gain the trust of our customers and enable them to accelerate their production. Gtip Group is the most reliable source of iron & steel spare parts with its 20 years of experience all over the world.


Our company has achieved many successes with reliable solutions in standard and special design parts for steel house spare parts. We add value to our customers products with our first-class high-strength steel parts.

With our quality products, you get the machines that will do your best. All our parts are optimized according to the requirements of users and machines.


As Gtip Group, we specialize in designing and manufacturing spare parts with high performance and quality to be used in every process. We ensure that the products are produced in accordance with any conditions.

We check all our processes from reliable material procurement to quality and precision workmanship in the production of rolling mill spare parts. We always show the necessary
diligence in obtaining the appropriate heat treatment conditions of the world standards.


As Gtip Group, we are one of the most preferred companies in the field of cement spare parts production and logistics, which is the main component of the concrete production, with its favorable price advantage and after-sales services. In the cement industry, which is an intensive manufacturing industry, we meet the needs and demands of our customers in the most accurate and fast way.

For this purpose, we carefully plan and control all our processes. We can meet all your spare parts needs with our team of professional professionals. Replacement or new parts in cement spare parts according to the appropriate specifications can be supplied easily with us.


As Gtip Group, you can obtain parts that will provide high work performance with our zinc spare parts solutions. We have appropriate parts solutions in every area that our customers need.

Thanks to our product quality and the services we offer, 100 percent customer satisfaction is the key to our long-term success. We offer you the right solutions for your zinc spare parts needs with our value-added products manufactured in quality standards.


As Gtip Group, we have various spare parts design, production and sales services from wood type such as MDF. We make modeling based on the shape of the model, application area and other factors.

High quality and control processes are dominant in all our operations. You can get support from our expert staff in the production or design of your requirements. Three-dimensional MDF models with the most accurate production, fast delivery times to increase customer satisfaction we are constantly improving ourselves.


As Gtip Group, we meet the needs of our customers in the mining area in the fastest way possible. Our wide range of spare parts inventory enables our customers to operate at the highest efficiency.

From highly trained technicians to our engineers we offer you personalized services. We are at your service with our cost-effective quality metal spare parts to complete your works quickly.